Our new Defibrillator thanks to Saunders & Co

Being prepared for the worst is something we have to be ready for, especially on the water. Our Vessel Canterbury Rescue is well equipped for most common scenarios with the latest GPS and Chart Plotting Tools, Search Aids, Medical Equipment and now thanks to Saunders & Co Lawyers we have a brand new defibrillator.

If we ever come across a time that we need a defibrillator on a job, this could mean the difference between life and death. Although we hope to never be in a situation where it is needed, all the crew feel more comfortable knowing it is there if required.
A Defibrillator is a device used to treat life threatening conditions that affect the rhythm of the heart. The device will monitor the electrical rhythm of the heart and will shock the patient if needed.
Saunders & Co are powered by people. They are talented individuals who share a common passion for life and the law. They are energised by what they do. To find out more go to www.saunders.co.nz.

Say thanks to Saunders & Co? 

Without businesses like Saunders & Co our unit would not be able to operate at the right level of standard with the best equipment.
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