Thank You Goes a Long Way!

Coastguard Member was glad he bought a Coastguard Membership before hitting the water.

At Canterbury Coastguard our aim is to keep everyone safe on the waters and ensure everyone arrives home safe. We carry out many rescues or non-urgent assistance every month. It was wonderful to receive the following email after a rescue last month.

“I bought a boat as you do with all the bells and whistles. Went to a marine shop and they advised me to join the coastguard. I knew it was important as I knew very little about what I was doing. I only signed up last week Friday. I have this habit of making my days adventurous for everyone. We went to quail island- swimmers beach, Lyttelton. We started with a ski biscuit and progressed to a knee board. The tide was going out real quick and the wind was picking up and the swell was crazy. Anyway I accidentally rode over the ski rope and was sucked up into my impeller. I called coastguard to assist. I had a mate with a JetSki which towed me back, the rope broke and we were dangerously close to the rocks.

 We left 6 members at swimmers beach. We  seemed to unravel the mess and returned to collect our family. Weather became worse and boat impeller was only cavitating so couldn’t move faster than 5 knots. Called coastguard again they were on standby to assist. Once collected our family battled our way back even slower, fighting the swell, wind and over revving motor. The coastguard were there escorting me most of the way. I knew that if I was in trouble they were there to help. We arrived safely. The family were oblivious to the danger as I made it as fun and adventurous as possible. I can’t thank the coastguard enough for talking with me especially roger in Auckland as well as nick on board he boat in Lyttelton that called me on my mobile. I’m please I paid my membership as well as a little donation. I will definitely be signing up for he skippers course as well as vhf course. Thanks once again you’ve made our boating experience an awesome one. We can’t wait to get out there again.”

Remember if you require non-urgent assistance on the water Coastguard charge for our services due to the cost of launching and running our assets. If you have a Coastguard Membership you are covered for free non-urgent assistance as well as many other benefits. For more information about Coastguard Membership or to purchase yours visit

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