Upcoming Events

Here are our current upcoming events. If you know of any other events Coastguard Canterbury should be a part of please please feel free to Contact Us.

Tuesday 5th December – Join Us

Want to see whats involved in volunteering for our unit? Come down see us at 19:00 and see Jamie. To find out more Click Here.




January 2018 – Open Day

Come see us for the day, ask any boating questions, come see our boat, find out how you can volunteer, enter our National Coastguard Summer Lottery & much more.


old4new eventJanuary 14th 2018 – Old 4 New

Where? 247 Dyers Road, Bromley.

The Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade kicks off again for the summer, coming to Christchurch on the 14th of January!

Bring down your old, damaged or worn lifejackets to the Old4New van, for a great discount on a brand new, fit-for-purpose Hutchwilco lifejacket.

Over the last three years of the campaign over 8,000 lifejackets have been traded in, meaning thousands of boaties are now safer on the water.

Find out where else the Old 4 New Van is going to be.